As Covid Restrictions ease, PEEMS meetings will resume and be held in accordance with the rules in force at that time.

The workshop will reopen on 12th April.  The following Covid Workshop rules will apply until Step 3, nominally 17th May 2021:
1) Prospective users of the workshop shall contact the Workshop Manager (JM) in the first instance to book dates/times for arriving and departing.
2) Only one person may be indoors in the workshop at any time,
3) The outer door shall be left open,
4) At completion of work each user shall clean down the machines and work areas, disinfect door handles, machine handles and toilet flushes.
Up to six persons may congregate outside the workshop provided they are socially distanced (2m apart and wearing masks if not sat).
When Step 3 release is announced, nominally 17th May, the requirement for solo working inside the workshop will be lifted and up to 30 persons may congregate outside.  At Step 4, presently scheduled for 21st June, all Covid restrictions will be lifted.